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Synapse Feature Update: Custom Best Practices

We've rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements! 

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A Learning Design System Offers Much-Needed Integrations

Too often, the Learning & Development department doesn't have the necessary time or resources to keep pace with business needs.  Further, with the LMS and Authoring Tools being the only 'go-to' systems, it makes it harder to have centralized oversight on L&D projects.

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How Non-Technical Professionals Can Do Instructional Design

Given the growing training needs inside organizations today -- the the massive amount of content needed to carry out that training -- many organizations are facing the challenge of simply not having enough instructional designers or learning and development professionals to build a sufficient...

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Producing Quality Training Results in 'Challenging' Timeframes

As we've written previously in our blog, one of the biggest resources needed to build learning content is time.

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How L&D Can Deal with Market Realities

One of the biggest challenges of delivering courses is obsolescence: as soon as learners in your organization complete the courses you've worked so hard to build, the content is no longer relevant and you now find yourself having to start all over again.

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eLearning Industry: How to Incentivize Subject Matter Experts

Few can take on more work: we're all at capacity nowadays.


So how can you get subject matter experts (SMEs) to help the learning organization? As they are not on your team, how can you get SMEs to take time out of their busy schedules to write content that forms courses which others in your...

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