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Is Instructional Design Dead?

Hardly. Instead, instructional design now encompasses more than simply building courses.

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The Importance of a Learning Blueprint Design

Instructional designers often keep to proven, academic-based design principles. Creating a blueprint can often ensure that the course material is on point and delivered on time.

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The Importance of Testing in Instructional Design

While many people truly enjoy learning something new, most people dread having to take a test that measures how much they just learned. So why do we keep forcing people to take exams?

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What Pokémon GO Can Teach Learning and Development Professionals

You certainly wouldn't want employees spending time during the work day trying to find Pikachu in the break room, but the game's popularity can provide insights into the future of workplace learning and development.

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The UX of Learning

User experience (UX) isn't just the responsibility of the marketing department. Apply UX principles to your learning modules, and your learners -- who are your internal customers -- will take notice and be much more engaged.  Heck, they might even be impressed.

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Crushing the 'Forgetting Curve'

Learner retention is perhaps the most important metric to measure the success of L&D initiatives. However, as we've covered in this blog before, the vast majority -- often as high as 90 percent -- of new skills are lost within a year if not reinforced by practical follow-ups or assessments.

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