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Crushing the 'Forgetting Curve'

Learner retention is perhaps the most important metric to measure the success of L&D initiatives. However, as we've covered in this blog before, the vast majority -- often as high as 90 percent -- of new skills are lost within a year if not reinforced by practical follow-ups or assessments.

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The Art of Doing Less

'The most important resource our people have is their time,' says an HR leader from a well-known media and technology company, in a recent interview with Josh Bersin of consulting firm Deloitte. 'So what I’ve learned after nearly 20 years in HR, is that we need to do away with almost 75% of the...

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The Softer Side of Goldman Sachs

The Wall Street Journal reported today that investment bank Goldman Sachs is shaking up the way it handles performance reviews for its 35,000+ employees.

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STUDY: High Performers Share Knowledge

A recent study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization, uncovered insights of high-performance organizations regarding their learning and development initiatives.

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Pencils Down: Why Testing Still Matters

Sure, employees want to learn. But they dread having to take a test afterwards.

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People Still Want to Learn from Others

We all love our devices and the always on nature of the Internet and apps, but experts agree: we need social interaction when we need to learn.

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