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Synapse Releases Advanced Assessments to Accelerate Development of AI for Corporate Learning

SEPT 13, 2019, TORONTO - Synapse, a provider of instructional design software, has partnered with Learnosity, the biggest provider of assessments in the world, to embed robust assessments into their platform. This addition to their Learning Design System moves the startup closer to the release of its much anticipated, AI enabled, recommendation engine.


Since announcing its seed funding of $2.5 Million earlier this year, Synapse has more than doubled their number of employees and moved quickly to ensure they are meeting key roadmap items. Advanced Assessments was the missing piece of what is referred to as “The Magic Triangle” in learning which is the interdependence of learning objectives, learning activities and assessments.


“We are so excited to provide Advanced Assessments to our clients” said CEO Ryan Austin. “The team has been working incredibly hard to ensure we are continuously providing our customers with the functionality they need to achieve their goals for corporate training. This release paves the way for our recommendation engine to provide intelligent suggestions to learning teams so their training programs are tied directly to business outcomes”


Synapse is an innovator in the learning technology space, providing a ‘first-of-its-kind’ solution to standardize and streamline instructional design so learning departments can keep up with the demand for corporate training. Instructional design is a function that is performed by a few highly-trained individuals, impeding organizations from creating and deploying training at scale. Benchmarks indicate that it can take over 70 hours and up to $10,000 to create a single hour of training. The technology complements existing platforms such as authoring tools and learning management systems, and has been known to save companies up to 65% in the time it takes to develop training programs.


“The technology ecosystem in learning isn’t uncomplicated” says Austin, “with Advanced Assessments, learning teams can truly ensure that learning programs are delivering what stakeholders throughout the business are looking to achieve.”


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Written by Kristy Sadler