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Synapse Feature Update: Template Enhancement

We've rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements! 

Here's what's new:

Lock Project Cards

This feature restricts changes to Requirements cards. Only Admins can add or remove cards.

Set the Default Template

Admins can now choose the template to set as the default template. The options appears in the context menu on the template home page.

Captura de pantalla de 2019-01-10 14-16-43

Other Improvements

  • Administrators can now duplicate and remove all projects.
  • Resolved the scrollbar overflow issue in learning verbs table.
  • Resolved an error when deleting answers from the assessment tool.
  • Improve blueprint navigation by adding Next Lesson button.
  • Resolved font consistency issue in Preview mode. 

We're always listening — please feel free to reach out to us with any recommendations, feedback, and suggestions.

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