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Synapse Feature Update: Single Sign On (SSO)

We've rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements! 

Here's what's new:

Single Sign On

We have added the ability to login to Synapse using your corporate credentials. You use the same login for your everyday work applications as well as Synapse! There are a few configuration settings that need to be set up with a technical person in your organization, but this new feature means you do not need maintain a separate password for access to Synapse!

Single Sign On image.jpeg 


To enable Single Sign On for your organization, contact us by clicking on the blue support icon in the lower right corner of our website or emailing us at: enterprise@getsynapse.com


  • Restored ability to record audio in the asset upload dialog.

  • Resolved bug where some users were missing the publish button.

  • Fixed ability to open collaborator invite email links on macOS operating system.

  • Aligned assistive text dialog when using smaller screen resolutions.

We're always listening — please feel free to reach out to us with any recommendations, feedback, and suggestions.


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