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Synapse Feature Update: Customize Fonts for Training Output

We've rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements! 

Here's what's new:

Customized fonts 

We have added an ability to customize the output fonts. As an administrator, you can set an output font in the branding dialog:

Customize fonts

You will need to republish the training materials to enable the newly selected font.


Download the original asset file 

In addition to displaying the PDF representation of your documents, you can now easily download the original source files that you uploaded. Simply select the new Download file option from the asset menu:

Download asset


Restricted access to project settings 

We've added a restriction whereby only administrators are able to customize the settings for projects in order to help organizations enforce their branding guidelines and publishing rules..


Other Improvements

  • Resolved an error where some embeds from GitHub would not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where some users experienced the blueprint page showing a spinner and not refreshing the content.

We're always listening — please feel free to reach out to us with any recommendations, feedback, and suggestions.

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