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Mark Hellinger

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Synapse Feature Update: Export Projects as XML

We've rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements! 

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10 Quick Tips about Building Online Training

What should you know before you build online training? In the past, most online training was created by either specialists (instructional designers) using “eLearning authoring tools” or by subject matter experts (SME) using PowerPoint slides (not really online “education”, but rather more like...

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Why You Should Use Employee-Generated Content for Training

As Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp have proven, user-generated content is much more respected by consumers than company promoted content. So, wouldn’t it make sense for training departments to complement the company's offering with employee produced content? It’s not to say that employees can build...

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What if it was Easy for Employees to Share Knowledge?

How do you address the challenge of getting employees to freely share knowledge with other employees? The ever-increasing speed of business combined with significant changes in the workforce is driving organizations of all sizes to find a solution. This Harvard Business School study discusses...

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Assessing the ROI of Employee Training

As an employer, there are many questions to be answered when considering to invest in employee training. How much should I budget to train a new employee? How much time should an existing employee spend in training every month? Can I afford to take people away from the job for training? How do I...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Build Online Training


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